BTT Exchanger

Exchanger is the server-side back end for BTT Recorder. It provides oral Bible translators and narrators with secure backup of audio files plus a web-based collaboration platform for checking translations.



BTT Exchanger is a server system that can run on a laptop or low power PC such as an Intel NUC. Exchanger creates a local WiFi network (no internet required). Recorder Android is able to interact with it locally to augment the work of oral translators.

Designed to run off-line

Exchanger does not require internet to function. It is designed for use in remote locations.

Simplified file management

Oral Bible Translation and Narration can generate a lot of audio files. Exchanger allows a translation team to centralize all those files onto one local server for easy backup.

Designed for oral use

Like Recorder, Exchanger is designed for use by oral preference cultures. Checkers record their feedback for translators using their voice, not a keyboard.

Collaboration Platform

Exchanger allows many checkers and translators to collaboratively review each other's audio translations. This checking can be done from any computer on the local WiFi using a browser.

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